Reasons to Change your Mattress

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Changing a mattress is one of those things that people do not pay attention to, even though a considerable amount of time out of their day is spent on the bed. Most people do not know the right time to change their mattress.

Because the sheets cover the mattress most of the time, we hardly ever get to see what is going on with the mattress itself; hence most of us go on using the same bed for a very, very long time. Here are a few reasons why you should change your mattress.

Are you cheating on your bed?

Do you find yourself sleeping someplace else other than on your bed? Maybe a couch or recliner or even a different bed? Stop it! It is probably time for you to buy another mattress. If your favorite sleeping spot is on a recliner, buy another bed but make sure it is adjustable so you can sleep in any position that you want.

The relationship is becoming strained — or stained

Does your bed give you the comfort you expect from it? If after every nap or sleep, you wake up feeling sore and numb all over your body, then your relationship with your bed is strained already. A great, supportive mattress provides a high level of comfort and relaxes your body all through the night. Every sleep should prepare you for the activities of the day, not make you less ready.

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You have used the bed for too long

Have you used your mattress for a very long time? 10 years? More than that? You should change it. Chances are, the mattress is probably out of fashion and does not conform to the current standards for mattresses. If your body has changed over the years, then you should get a new mattress that fits and can adapt to your new body.

Your mattress is worn out

You do not need any indications other than having a worn out mattress before you should have it changed. A lumpy or worn out mattress makes sleeping a Herculean task, which reduces the quality of sleep and ultimately poor health. If you don’t get the kind of comfort your bed ought to provide, and you wake up feeling sore and numb, then you should invest in a new mattress.

Your bed is harboring dust mites

Dust mites are unfriendly to the body and if you find your nose getting stuffy, eyes itching or sneezing after getting on your bed, it means your bed is harboring hostile elements. Rather than trying to rid your bed of those things, why don’t you spend some money on a new mattress?