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Your Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Your Bedroom Cleaning Routine
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Few tasks are more like the torture of Sisyphus than housework, with its endless repetition: the clean becomes soiled, the soiled is made clean, over and over, day after day. (Simone de Beauvoir)

If you follow the proper routine, cleaning your room doesn't have to take a lot of time. Any expert would tell you that is should merely require a few short minutes a day to keep your room clean. By arranging your tasks each day and following a good routine, you will keep your room tidy over the year. Here's a few guidelines and suggestions to ensure that you keep your bedroom clean, and do so efficiently.


If you want to clean your bedroom quickly, you should have at the top of your routine the morning habit of making your bed. Once you've made the bed, maintaining all those other rooms is way easier to tackle.

There are tricks to make your bed faster. For example, you can skip a top sheet, to avoid having to fold it. Reduce the number of pillows necessary to build your great pillow sculpture. Use one blanket at the very top. The lesser the edges to clean on the bed, the fewer things you'll need to maintain.

Are you having difficulty folding a fitted sheet? Here's Martha Stewart's lesson on the subject from a few years back:


Keep an extra set of sheets handy to help you maintain the mattress clean. Professionals recommend washing your sheets two times per month. Fold and save the dirty sheets, then promptly put the clean ones back on. Then put your used bed linens in the wash. This method enables you to not worry about having to get the laundry done before going to bed.


Sunlight is washing. In Japan, bedding is hung in the sun daily to kill germs & continuously keep the bedding fresh. You don't need to go quite to that extreme. By simply opening your windows regularly you will air out the environment and create a more refreshing experience.



Minimizing the dust particles in the room is essential to ensuring you possess a healthy environment to stay. Make use of a dirt wand to dirt your blinds, clean aside from the most efficient of your dressers and find those harder to realize shelves. Employing a dust wand instead of a rag will create your job easier and prevent dirt from dropping to the ground.


If your mattress is musty, you could, of course, get hold of a new one. However, beds are costly, and you will still need to maintain the new mattress fresh. Here are a few tips:

* Keep the mattress clean by using a blend of liquid dishwashing detergent and ordinary water. Combine about one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with two quarts of regular water. Use a sponge to softly pat the most used areas and the sides of your mattress, then blow dry your mattress. Don't soak your bed; the goal is to clean the most prominent layer of padding naturally. From then on, sprinkle baking soda on the bare mattress. Preserve it for a complete day, then merely vacuum the powder up at night time to create it feel clean.


If you genuinely want to learn methods to clean your bedroom area quickly, you'll want to get a hold of dividers for your drawers. Using dividers, you can place socks and underwear in their proper place every time, without much thinking or planning. By segmenting out t-shirts, jeans, and tops, you ensure that keeping messes under control is included in your routine. In the end, you should do less organizing, and focus instead on getting things in the right spot.


If you have leather bags, you will want to wrap them using acid-free s. You can obtain this wrapper in nearly all department stores and grocery stores. This tissue will help preserve the household leather accessories and will keep your bags in a like-new condition.


Among the primary deterrents to a good clean bedroom may come to be the positioning of your home furniture. Organize your household furniture so to leave enough room for you to get between things. Such an organization allows the vacuum to enter between dressers, your bed, and your nightstand. It may well make cleaning less of a chore, and you may find it's better than ever.


Even if your room doesn't look like exactly you would like it to be, you will need to be certain to clean weekly. By running a vacuum over your flooring areas weekly, you'll decrease the quantity of dirt that accumulates in your room. A weekly wipe as part of your routine is especially important if you or someone else in the household suffers from allergies.



Using pillow protectors will help keep your pads clean, stopping a messy bedroom. Wash the protectors regular monthly and transformation the pillowcases every week for the best results. Many like your bedding, you should carry a supplementary group of pillowcases readily available. That is so you do not need to await them to dry ahead of going to sleep.


If you want to discover how to clean your room in five minutes, you will need to organize things beforehand. Grab those filthy dresses that are laying the flooring and toss them into a laundry basket. Generate your bed, dust your shelves and possess the vacuum ready. Your place will be tidy, and clean. You can now go on to perform your other related tasks and organize your laundry.

Put on joyful music, and discover how to make cleaning your room fun. It'll turn into less of a task (or torture, as Simone de Beauvoir would have it) and somewhat more of a "time-out" from the stresses of life.

Do you agree with these tips? Do you have any suggestions to improve on them? What's your routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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