by guest blogger Courtney Zwerver, Brooklyn Showroom Manager 

We all know that allergy season has arrived! If you experience sensitivities to allergens like I do, you would do anything to get some relief!

Allergies affect between 12 and 50% of all Americans. Seasonal allergies normally result from things such as pollen, grass, weeds or molds. However, pet allergies are also extremely common and sometimes exacerbated by the heat.

A natural way to lessen the effects that these may have on you is controlling your inside environment. What better way to do this then starting with a fundamental: air! An air purifier helps to combat particles swirling around us in the air inside our own homes.

Austin Air does a great job at making quality products at an affordable price point, in a variety of sizes and colors as to not distract from the beauty of your décor.  To discover which system would be best for you, check out our comparison chart or visit your local showroom today. 

~ Courtney 

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