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Getting a good night’s rest is dependent on several factors. One of the more important elements is the bed itself. When looking for a sustainable option you can feel good about, The Clean Bedroom is proud to offer green, sustainable platform beds and bed frames from trusted manufacturers such as Cisco Brothers, Savvy Rest, Vermont Furniture Designs, Knickerbocker, Urban Woods, and more. These innovative and sound beds are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen passionate about their craft, and are available in many styles and sustainable materials including maple, ash, and fir. When choosing sustainable frames for beds, many people are most concerned with where the wood came from and the manner in which it was harvested. With many of these companies choosing their materials with careful intentions, these frames for beds use recycled and reclaimed woods to have the most minimal impact on the environment. While the sustainability of the materials certainly matters, the safety factor is also of paramount importance to any conscientious consumer. Made free of harmful chemicals, our selection of sustainable bed frames let you rest easy. While many traditional furniture options are often coated in formaldehyde, flame retardants, another harsh toxin, these all- natural options are made with water based stains and low-VOC acrylic to achieve a safer, cleaner home without compromising on the visual appeal. Going green for your home furnishings is a smart choice for the obvious reason of reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, as well as being great for the environment, but there is another reason to consider the beds in this clean living selection. The overall care and attention to every detail make this option even more desirable. While other bedding products are mass produced in factories where quantity certainly takes precedence over quality, these products are hand-carved with care and precision in every stain, every curve, and every carving. Don’t let the simplicity of the designs fool you into thinking these frames lack thoughtful precision and detail. From the expertly curved edges of the natural wood to the careful application of the stains, every area has been crafted with attention to detail for a long-lasting quality and beauty fit for any home. We are pleased to bring you this diverse, yet carefully selected, inventory of beds for your home. With a variety of wood tones and types available, finding the right choice has never been easier. Whether looking for a warm tone in a rustic style or a modern option in darker tones, we have a style to meet your needs. These frames are capable of accompanying a range of mattress types and sizes such as twin, queen, king, and more. Whether looking for a sleigh style frame with matching headboard or a platform bed free of headboards for a clean look, we have a style for every preference! If you have any questions while shopping with us regarding the products, shipping, or any other area of concern, we would be happy to help. Please contact a member of our team for assistance today.

FAQs for Platform Beds

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed is a simple, raised base that your mattress rests on top of, no need for a boxspring. Platform beds generally provide a more sleek and modern appeal, sit lower to the ground, while also offering great support for your mattress. At The Clean Bedroom, they are all handcrafted with sustainable materials including maple, ash, and fir by skilled craftsmen in the USA.

Do I need a boxspring with a platform bed?

No, a platform bed does not require a boxspring, making it a convenient yet supportive choice. 

Will I void my mattress warranty if I use a platform bed?

In most cases the answer is no. However, most manufacturers do have a minimum requirement if the bed has slats for the distance between the slats on a platform bed. If it is a traditional platform bed with a solid flat surface you should be okay. Since the requirements are different from each manufacturer it is advised you check with your sales person for those requirements.

What are the benefits of a platform bed?

Platform beds don’t require a boxspring, are easy to set up, provide a firmer foundation for your mattress, they come in a wide variety of designs and are relatively cheaper than traditional beds. 

What kind of mattresses can I use with a platform bed?

Nearly all mattresses can be used with a platform bed. You can look at your mattress’s information to find if anything is mentioned about what bed/base it should be put on. But most mattresses can be used with a platform bed. 

Can I store things under a platform bed?

While platform beds are known to be lower to the ground, many still allow for extra space underneath. The platform beds at The Clean Bedroom provide plenty of room for storage underneath, making it a nice place for some extra things. 

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