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Nocturia with a grain of salt

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What is Nocturia

Sleeping in the sun

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Generally speaking, no matter how romantic it sounds, you want to avoid sleeping in the sun. When it comes to sleeping, the sun is not your friend, especially during the summer. In a typical scenario, if you sleep in the sun, you’ll get sunburned and end up having an even harder time resting for the next several nights in the comfort of your own mattress and bed. Even if you have an adjustable bed, it will be difficult to avoid the blisters and pain of sun burn. If only for the sake of your health, it is best to avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight during the summer season. If and when you have to stay out in the sun -- such as during an outdoor party, a day at the beach or while gardening -- you’ll need to protect yourself.

Fast Food For All

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plastic fast-food