Organic Duvet Covers

Organic Duvet Covers

 Why organic bed linens for your healthy bedroom?

There are several good reasons to choose organic duvet covers, sheets, and pillows. When you look back at the history of cotton farming over the span of human existence, there are some startling aspects to the practice.

Organic bed linens are made from organically grown cotton free of harmful pesticides. For nearly 4,000 years, cotton was grown organically everywhere and the need for such measures wasn’t even a concern. That changed right after WWII, when the use of chemically intensive agriculture became the norm to help keep up with supply and demand efforts. Over the years, insects have become resistant to chemical applications and more pesticides are required to combat them destroying the crops. As a result, the cotton of today is now the most heavily sprayed field crop in the world. Despite the growing concerns for both the environmental impact and the health risks, chemicals are still being used in the production of cotton. Aside from the growing practices, chemicals are used during manufacturing in ways such as flame-retardant sprays and color dyes. When you choose to invest in high-quality, organic cotton duvets and bed linens, you are making a conscious decision about the overall health of your household while also alleviating the stress placed on the planet. Using organic cotton benefits the environment by preventing pollution of air, water, and soil. Best of all, organic products are free of the substances that affect many chemically sensitive people with their naturally hypoallergenic properties. Organic means a cleaner, more healthful environment for family farmers who grow the cotton, and ultimately for us all.

We are pleased to bring you a wide selection of organic duvet covers to meet your needs with ease. With trusted brands known for their commitment to high-quality harvesting and manufacturing practices, such as Coyuchi, Crescent Moon, glo Organics, and many more, rest assured these options for safe, clean organic cotton duvets meet your high standards of excellence. Every option we feature in our collection has been made with attention to detail throughout to ensure the best in comfort and long-lasting quality. Whether looking for the elegance of Mari Ann silk duvet covers which will envelop you in luxurious material, brushed flannel duvet covers perfect for chilly fall nights, or a damask weave with organic cotton and natural linen for a textured appeal, you are sure to find the right choice for your preferences with our selection. Best of all, many of these options come complete with the accompanying shams to help you create a polished bedroom setting while relishing in superior comfort and organic manufacturing. Choose from several sizes and colors to find the right addition to your home.

At The Clean Bedroom, we are honored to be your source for a range of organic home solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction and only the highest standards in the products we offer, we are confident you will have an outstanding customer service experience. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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