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Natural Hypodown Comforters

Hypodown Comforters

Ogallala Comfort Company

Allergic to down? Choose Hypodown.

Hypodown is a unique mix of Syriaca (milkweed) fibers and goose or duck down. The syriaca fibers calm down the allergens in down, making this comforter hypoallergenic, even for those with down allergies.

Every person's body is unique. Some of us feel toasty warm even on the chilliest of nights. Others crank the heat the minute the sun goes down. Luckily, Ogallala has a comforter, or duvet if you please, for everyone.

Ogallala fills its duvets with several weights of Hypodown, a mix of Goose down and Syriaca clusters. If you're always cold, choose the Arctic weight. If you're comfortable in most surroundings, you may be best served choosing the Classic and/or Southern weight. In any case, you'll be amazed at the soft luxurious comfort a Hypodown comforter provides.

So hunker down and cozy up — to Ogallala.

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